Thursday, December 14, 2017

Project Schedule

Being a Project Manager certainly has its advantages when it comes to yacht refits, as we can generally foresee the risks and ensure we provision for them in both cost and schedule. 'Roaring Forty' was no different to many projects and contingency was factored into my planning from the outset. I defined the scope and drafted a detailed schedule of how I envisioned the refit to progress against my modest and constrained refit budget.

I listed the tasks I could do myself and scheduled the work to be outsourced and undertaken by Roompot Marina Yacht Services and their subcontractors. The PBO rigging is being replaced with Rod Rigging by A+ Rigging Services and Mulder Motoren will provide the Volvo D1-30 engine with 130S sail drive to replace the Sole Mini 29 unit. I designed my own Water Ballast system increasing transfer pipe diameters from 1.5" to 3" and replacing ball valves with Valterra Knife Gate Valves to be remotely operated from the cockpit.

The refit is being conducted over the period Jun 2017-Oct 2018 in a hope that expenditure does not exceed available income! For those undertaking a refit without a schedule, you are asking for trouble and it is almost certain your budget estimate will fall very short in both cost and time whilst underestimating risk. So before you begin, clearly define the scope and communicate this to the boat yard and avoid scope creep at all costs. Scope creep may be a result of a 'find' during a refit event that is unavoidable and impacts cost and schedule, however it can also come from well meaning friends or an over enthusiastic supplier that is happy to increase your expenditure on unnecessary items that may enhance the refit but are something that could be held over for a couple of years.
I call it death by a thousand cuts.

Roaring Forty Project

In Mar 2017 I acquired 'Roaring Forty', a 1997 Open 40 designed by Lutra Design Group and built by Akton Yachts. She is full carbon build with Southern Spars triple spreader rig and carbon bowsprit. Drawing 2.92m with her L shaped bulb keel she is a stiff and fast boat.

I found her as most do on the internet, but this time it was right place at the right time. After exchanging emails with the broker and researching the web I knew I had stumbled across a special yacht....fully sorted for exactly the racing and challenges before me. So put the money down and 'Roaring Forty' joined our fleet.

Now as we all know, the purchase price is but a drop in the ocean compared to through life sustainment costs. I had budgeted for a major refit involving replacement of the propulsion unit, standing rigging and water ballast system. The journey begins.